Foreword from the Principal

Mrs. Joyeeta Majumder (Principal)

The changes witnessed by the Universe in the last one decade has taught us all a few things which we need to think about seriously. Technology is an inseparable factor whose usage and benefits shall only multiply for every functional human being. No sector can progress without a large association with the gadgets. Education, as a growing sector, is only going to have an added advantage if it is backed by appropriate technological support. But ironically, this is only an adjoining factor in the race for progress. Life skills and intelligent enlightenment go on to lay the foundation of a strong character. And generations of strong characters go on to build a stable nation.

Every era has witnessed the need for a balanced development, wherein the parameters of a healthy balance have been largely dependent on the times and circumstances. A school is the first centre of learning in a civil society. It is here that adapting, acquiring knowledge and developing the human mind is at it's best. It is this role which has so much of radical importance, has been entrusted to the facilitators.

Asian International School has a guiding philosophy which has been successful for the last four sessions. The faith bestowed on this institution has not been defeated and has only strengthened from time to time. Our institution has received the official status of an affiliated school, which has paved the way for an unhindered journey.

The greatest strength of this institution has been the students. We only progress as a body, when they grow and shine. With the Blessings of the Almighty and the support of all our well wishers, this platform shall only bask in the glory of victory, in the years to come.

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