Aryabhatt Ganit Challenge-CBSE

Aryabhatt Ganit Challenge-CBSE

Date : 22th November,2019

Participating Classes : VIII, IX and X

The ability to reason logically and present arguments in honest and convincing ways is a skill that is becoming increasingly important in today’s world. In mathematics, students learn that, with proper reasoning and assumptions, they can arrive at results that they can fully trust to be true in a wide variety of real-life contexts. While applying mathematics in daily life students develop the competencies required for mathematisation. During the process of mathematisation students recognize and identify opportunities to use mathematics and then provide mathematical structure to a problem presented in some contextualized form. It is important that students apply mathematical concepts, facts, procedures and reasoning to solve mathematically formulated problems to obtain mathematical conclusions. Students should also be able to reflect upon mathematical solutions, results or conclusions and interpret them in the context of the real-life problem. To promote above mentioned competencies among students through joyful assessment, a Ganit Challenge is being conducted by CBSE. The Computer Based Test mainly focused on the extent to which children are able to apply mathematics to their daily life.

Students from VIII to X participated in the Challenge and the following three were shortlisted for the final round:

Sr No
Candidate Roll No
Candidate’s Name
Saraswata Mitra
Abhinav Sanket
Aritri Samanta
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